At Vertex we take the time to understand your needs, and then build solutions that deliver tangible value to your enterprise. We listen to your ideas and concerns and evaluate all aspects of the problem. We combine our project management skills, flexible delivery framework and proven methodologies to deliver solutions that move your enterprise forward and yield enhanced business outcomes. During the last few years, we have excelled at using technology as a vision enabler building proven, cost-effective customer focused solutions. Our associates have established a track record of architecting solutions that take advantage of existing and emerging advancements, giving your enterprise the edge it needs to flourish.

Project Services

Consulting:  These assignments are directed at strategic IT projects. Project scope may include enterprise-wide evaluation of client needs including processes, platforms, existing technologies and solution design.

Application Design and Development:  This involves custom software design and development targeted at solving a client’s specific business challenge. Deliverables may include the design and development of specific modules, upgrades and/or original business applications.

Staffing Services

This engagement is focused on providing clients with staff, to manage peak demands, gain quick access to specialized skills, manage project costs and to assess competency and fitness before full-time hire.

Managed Services

Program Management:  Program Management involves setting up practices and processes with a view to help an organization "align IT with business initiatives". This may involve Risk Management Strategy, Governance, Integration, Standards and Success Metrics, Issue Resolution and Management, Prioritization, Resource Allocation and Optimization.

Project Management:  Here, we are accountable for delivering an end-to-end information technology solution. Deliverables may include establishing project timelines, resource planning, testing, delivery and implementation.

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